Scratch and Dent Loans : What Separates RHC

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Scratch and Dent Mortgage Loans : What Separates Right House Capital

Mortgage providers have multiple choices when it comes to liquidating loans on the secondary market.  There are numerous Scratch and Dent Brokers and Scratch and Dent Buyers for mortgage companies and banks to choose from with their unsaleable loans.  So what makes Right House Capital different from the competition?

The first thing that separates Right House is our process for pushing the price or value of a scratch and dent loan.  Other scratch and dent brokers just forward data tapes, collect bids and communicate the best price.  RHC process is much different.  Right House vets each tape for accuracy as incorrect data can lead to price fades or turn downs.  RHC then strives for price optimization by creating competition between multiple buyers where we push each buyer to improve their bids.

Secondly, Right House Capital takes a very aggressive position during due diligence which is very unique from our competitors.  Most Scratch and Dent brokers push paper back and forth.  RHC takes the complete opposite approach and we are hands-on every step of the way.  Right House will clear stipulations, fight against any value fades and expedite the due diligence process.

Last of all, Right House Capital prides itself on our communication.  RHC clients always know where things stand during the liquidation process.  Right House explains the process upfront, gives timeline expectations and constantly gives updates.  Our customers always know what to expect and when things will be completed.

Whether a mortgage provider is in need of liquidating a scratch and dent loan, investor fall-out loan, non-saleable loan, non-QM loan, re-performing loan, sub-performing loan or non-performing loan, contact Andrew Zale at 502-365-5632 and find out first-hand what separates Right House Capital from all the other scratch and dent brokers and scratch and dent buyers.

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