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Scratch and Dent Mortgage


Scratch and Dent Mortgage Topic: Have you heard that VA IRRRL’s now have a seasoning requirement?

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, everyone in the mortgage industry knows of the massive guideline change to VA IRRRL’s.   The change in itself is not a big deal as other programs have similar seasoning requirements but it was the way the change came about as VA did not give any warning or any grace period.   It went live and effective immediately with no consideration to hundreds of loans that just funded and were about to fund.   Mortgage providers were not happy to say the least.

Mortgage Landscape:

The mortgage landscape is always changing shape when it comes to rates, guidelines, programs, investors and market conditions.   It can be very challenging to navigate these uncertain conditions.

However, mortgage providers can rest assure that Right House Capital can be a trusted ally no matter the industry condition for Scratch and Dent Mortgages.

Right House Capital:

Right House Capital has a plan when it comes to this changing environment.  That plan centers around scratch and dent buyers who are flexible and can buy different types of loans.   RHC vets our buyers so that their buying appetites coincide with what our sellers are trying to liquidate.   This plan allows Right House customers to have liquidity options when the government agencies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae decide to make guideline changes without notice.   This forward thinking and preparation allows RHC to better serve its clients.  RHC also keeps up with agency guideline changes.  RHC proactively sends this information to our buyers.  This gives us a jump start on any future issues our clients might encounter down the road.  This proactive practice allows RHC to answer all questions and provide the best options for our customers.


Mortgage providers cannot stop the changes to the mortgage landscape.  However, they can align themselves with the correct partners.  This will allow them to thrive no matter the volatility in the mortgage world.   Right House Capital is that exact partner to assist mortgage providers when the unexpected occurs.  So whether it is an investor fall-out loan, scratch and dent loan or non-performing loan.  Right House Capital can assist you in your Scratch and Dent Mortgage needs.

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today, contact Andrew Zale at 502-365-5632.

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