Auto Service

Auto Service

Tailored Transactions

Right House understands that no two portfolios are alike. When you decide to sell your auto portfolio, it is important to tailor it to your specific needs at the time. RHC gives you the control to decide which options are important to you. The relationships that RHC has built with its buyers can allow you to choose from options such as: No Recourse, No Credit Limitations, No Seasoning Requirements, No Portfolio Size Limits, No Minimum APR, No Mileage Caps, Any Payment Frequency, etc. We have buyers that will consider any and all portfolio options. As you can imagine, some of these options will affect the price of your portfolio. However, RHC can help you examine all the pros and cons to structure the transaction to fit your specific situation.


Building the right relationships and doing the proper due diligence to get the best price for your auto portfolio takes unprecedented time and energy. Right House can do the work for you. We have built long standing relationships and are continuously analyzing our buyers’ needs. This allows us to be ready to take care of your portfolio needs on a moment’s notice. RHC knows that you want to get back to your core business operations and we are here to help. Simply put, letting RHC match the perfect buyer for you will save valuable time.

Quick Process

At Right House, we have a continued dedication to provide exceptional service. One of the most important aspects is simply expediting your portfolio sale. Our urgency and responsiveness allows for a quick and easy process so that you can stay focused on your core business.