Mortgage Price

Mortgage Price

Investor Fallout Pricing

When it comes to investor fallout loans, your price is mostly determined by the market. In some ways, these assets can be thought of as a commodity. For this reason, Right House will normally buy these type of loans as opposed to brokering them because they have a similar price no matter who is the buyer. RHC likes the flexibility to control the price. This gives us the ability to work with each seller to meet your specific price point for a single loan or give volume discounts for large pools and repeat clients.

True Scratch and Dent Pricing

Scratch and dent loans are a difficult market to be competitive in if you do not have the right connections. Right House has built extensive relationships with numerous portfolio buyers that are all looking for a unique type of loan. These connections allow us to know who is paying premium pricing for each loan given its specific characteristics and geographical location. When it comes to the scratch and dent market, it’s not about what you know, but who you know. RHC is extremely confident our vast network will bring you the best price the market will bear.

Non-Performance Pricing

Buyers need to protect themselves in case of foreclosure, so the pricing of non-performing loans is largely determined by the value of the home. Therefore, Right House has built its own property valuation model in order to calculate the fair market value. This produces hard data that we use to refute any value that does not meet our standards. This model coupled with our industry knowledge allows us to maximize the price you will receive for any non-performing loan.