Hands on Approach to Mortgages

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Hands on Approach to Mortgages:

Right House Capital separates itself from other Scratch and Dent buyers and brokers by our Hands on Approach to Mortgages.   Right House is heavily involved in every aspects of liquidating a mortgage loan.  This allows RHC to provide exceptional customer service that our competitors aren’t willing to do.

Most Scratch and Dent buyers and brokers push paper.  They do not roll up their sleeves and get dirty in order to fund a scratch and dent loan or an investor fallout loan.  This is a big problem for mortgage providers because problem loans cannot be resolved or liquidated by doing the bare minimum.

How RHC is Different:

Right House is the complete opposite in regards to a Hands on Approach to Mortgages.   We truly understand the fight needed to liquid a scratch and dent loan.   These are not easy loans and problems always persist or they would not be unsaleable loans to begin with.

RHC starts this approach by checking fair market value for each bid a scratch and dent loan receives.   RHC achieves this by sending each loan to 8-10 different outlets.   Buyers understand they are in heavy competition on any mortgage loan that comes from RHC.   This produces optimum pricing for our clients and produces the highest price the market can bare.

Right House then uses this approach with the due diligence process.   RHC will fight and assist our customers when it comes to clearing stipulations in order to liquidate the loan.   This can save time and money for the mortgage provider.  In more extreme cases, Right House will use documentation in the file to combat issues with income calculations and appraisal issues.

Another aspect of the Scratch and Dent process that RHC takes this hands on approach is that awful word that no mortgage provider wants to hear and that is price fade.  Price fades are very common in the scratch and dent industry.  As initial data does not always equate to the loan documentation.   Unfortunately, many other buyers and brokers seem to take advantage of this situation.  Right House will fight tooth and nail to combat any type of price fade.

End of the Day:

At the end of the day, mortgage providers deserve this Hands on Approach to Mortgages when it comes to liquidating a mortgage loan on secondary market.  All types of loan such as scratch and dent loan, investor fallout loan, sub-performing loan, non-performing loan, non-QM loan or Jumbo loan, Right House Capital promises to do everything in its power to get the loan liquidated.

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For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today, contact Andrew Zale at 502-365-5632.

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