Mortgage Experience Matters for Scratch and Dent Loans

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Mortgage Experience Matters:

When it comes to liquidating Scratch and Dent loans, mortgage experience can make all the difference in the world.  There are two types of brokers in the scratch and dent market.  One is the firm who has capital markets experience and the other is the firm who has true mortgage experience.

The capital markets firm is more of a paper pusher.  They pass information back and forth.  They do not have the mindset of a mortgage banker. Only the mortgage banker understands how this falls short in the customer service expectations.

Our Experience at Right House Capital:

Right House Capital was founded by a past mortgage executive.  Our firm only hires individuals who are brought up in the fast-paced mortgage banking world.  Right House has created the same culture that mortgage companies have when it comes to urgency and rolling up the sleeves to getting scratch and dent mortgages, investor fall-out loans and non-performing loans liquidated on the secondary market.

RHC understands the urgency and response times are crucial for the mortgage company during this process.  We also partner with the mortgage company to be a more than just a facilitator in the process by supporting the mortgage company in stip clearing, being creative and offering options.  Our mentality is not to just push paper around.  Our firm expects each loan to be a challenge and we believe we are the very best when it comes to solving problems.   These loans are scratch and dent for a reason so we do not shy away from a fight.  It is no different than originating loans where obstacles are the norm.

Right House has the passion and desire to work harder than the competition that is critical in the mortgage world.  This drive allows us to better serve our clients in the liquidation process.   Our firm has found it is much easier to teach the capital markets side of things into a mortgage guy versus teaching the mortgage banker’s side of things into a capital markets guy.  The bottom line is that the capital markets guy does not understand the urgency and never give up attitude that makes the mortgage world a challenging and competitive place to survive and succeed.

RHC Difference:

The difference between the capital markets broker and RHC is the reason clients should utilize Right House for all their liquidation needs.  It can be a very frustrating experience when it comes to basic communication, fighting stips and the lack of creative solutions.  RHC is extremely confident in our service due to our mortgage background.

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today, contact Andrew Zale at 502-365-5632.

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  1. I have 4 loans which was underwritten/approved by First Guarntee Mortgage, all 4 loans were closed within the past 2 weeks but did not fund prior to First Guarantee shut down, can you let me know if you are interested of buying these loans? if yes, can you provide me with the offer

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