One Stop Shop for Scratch and Dent Loans

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Scratch and Dent Mortgage Loans:

A Scratch and Dent Mortgage loan falls into one of two categories.  Agency Eligible, Investor Overall type loans and “True” Scratch and Dent Loans.

One Stop Shop:

Finding the right buyer on the secondary mortgage market for each problem loan that you come across can be a daunting task. Right House Capital is here to simplify the process for you. Our model, developed over the last 6 years, has created a truly unique one stop shop.

First off, Buyers on the secondary mortgage market are always changing. They come and go through the years and even change on a monthly basis. This makes it hard to keep track of, especially when you only sell mortgage loans a few times a year. That is where Right House can help. We are continuously looking for new buyers that enter the Scratch and Dent market. But it doesn’t stop there. Each new buyer goes through a lengthy vetting process to ensure they are one of the best in the mortgage industry. We do all the background work for you. Your mortgage loans will be seen by all the current top buyers in the industry every time you look to sell a single loan or a pool of loans.

Secondly, buyers are constantly changing their appetites. This can make for a difficult challenge given that individual companies have a tough time figuring out who is going to give top dollar for a particular Scratch and Dent mortgage loan. RHC is working with these buyers on a daily basis and has a working knowledge of which buyers will give competitive prices for every type of mortgage loan sold on the secondary market.


Looking for new buyers and understanding which buyers give premium prices for certain mortgage loans can be time consuming. Especially, when you have all different types of problem loans, i.e. Investor Fallout, True Scratch and Dent, or even Non-Performing loans. Right House can not only find a buyer for all types of Scratch and Dent mortgage loans, but we allow you to go to one place for the best pricing and service the market has to offer. This model allows you to sell to multiple buyers while having the simplicity of one point of contact. Selling your mortgage loans on the secondary market no longer has to monopolize your time.

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today.  Contact Andrew Zale.



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