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Speed to Sell Mortgage Loans:

Sell Mortgage Loans on the Scratch and Dent Market Quickly.

Right House Capital not only works hard to get you the best possible price, but we also strive to have industry leading service. Speed is one of the biggest areas of service that we strive to be the industry leader. Everyone that works at RHC has a background in the mortgage lending arena. We understand how to solve problem loans. At Right House we also have an urgency to get loans funded ASAP because of our background. We have been in your shoes and know the importance of speed!

One of the main areas that RHC is different from other brokers is that we have a working knowledge of guidelines. We regularly fight conditions and clear them before you even see them. We have also built a reputation with our buyers as an industry leader on guidelines. As you know, guidelines can often be interrupted differently. Having a great reputation and relationship with our buyers helps us to quickly clear conditions because they respect our interpretation of the guidelines. Ultimately, these buyers often listen to our rebuttals with an open mind. That ability to convince buyers to see things our way allows us to get loans funded that normally would be a turn-down without RHC’s reputation. This can not only save a loan but help to clear conditions in order to quickly fund your loans.


As mentioned early, we come from a mortgage lending background. We understand that time is money… and the quicker we can fund your loans the better. We are always communicating with our buyers on their turn times. We give them reports on how they stake up compared to their competition and continually coach them on where they can improve. Giving our buyers the data and always pressuring them to be quicker allows us to have industry leading speed. That data can only go so far if our buyers are not in competition to earn our business. The volume that we offer them on a monthly basis forces and encourages our buyers to continually improve.

All and all, Right House is continually trying to improve the speed and service that you receive. We are already the industry leader in speed and are only going to improve as time goes on. This attention to detail and urgency aligns perfectly with your needs to liquidate your Scratch and Dent mortgage loans.

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today. Contact Andrew Zale.

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