Liquidate Mortgage Loans at Best Price

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Liquidate Mortgage Loans at Best Price:

Liquidate Mortgage Loans at the best price with Right House Capital.


Getting the best price in the Scratch and Dent Mortgage market can be a daunting task when you Liquidate Mortgage Loans. Not only do buyers come and go from the market, but each buyer has a different appetite. They price loans with individual flaws differently and their pricing model is constantly updated. Going to the same buyer on every loan will very rarely get you the best price the market could offer.

But who has the time to vet every buyer in the market or to keep up with new buyers entering the market. The answer is RHC. We not only make sure each buyer has the best service but we continually find all interested buyers for your convenience. This allows us to give you one place to go in order to get the best price the market will bear.

Appetites of buyers are always changing and being tweaked. Similar loans with a certain buyer can and do fetch different prices as time passes. This can make it confusing on who to send your individual loan to. Right House is working with all these buyers on a regular basis. As a result we always have an understanding of each individual buyer’s appetite for a particular loan flaw. This way we will ensure you get your loans in front of all the right buyers.

Biggest Weapons:

One of the biggest weapons we have to use as leverage is the volume we send to these buyer. We send them business on a daily basis and the buyers in turn sharpen their pencils in order to give us the best price they possibly can. They want to earn as much business from us and stay in good standings with RHC. This helps them to ensure they will continue to receive our business in the future.

On top of that, we create a competition with these buyers. When they see a tape from Right House, they know it is going to their competitors as well. This makes them want to cut their margins even more. Not only do they want to continually receive business from us, but they also want to take as much volume away from their competition as possible. But Right House does not stop there. We will regularly ask buyers that are not the best price to improve if they are off by a small margin. This price competition helps to ensure you get the best market price possible.


In summary, Right House has the ongoing relationships, individual buyer understanding, market knowledge, and volume to get you the best possible market price on a regular basis. This allows you to concentrate on more profitable aspects of your business. Let Right House do all the work for you!

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today. Contact Andrew Zale.

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