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Buyer and Broker for Liquidating Mortgage Loans:

Right House Capital is a Buyer and Broker for Liquidating Mortgage Loans.  RHC is all about giving its clients options when it comes to liquidating mortgage loans on the secondary market.   Those options start with Right House acting as the loan buyer or the loan broker.   The choice between the two options is very simplistic. It just comes down to what is the most beneficial for our client when it comes to price and service.

RHC always prices both routes.  We have the industry information to determine the length of time it will take for liquidation for each process.   This information is compiled and then passed on to our client.   Through in depth conversations with our customer on what is truly important will allow RHC and the client to make the appropriate decision on whether RHC will buy the loan or broker the loan.


Most of the time, it just comes down to price.  Many of our clients need to minimize their loss and the highest price for their impaired loan is the top priority.  When RHC can deliver the best price, our company will underwrite and fund the loan ourselves.  However, when we cannot match or beat our trusted buyers’ price, we will always take our customers to that established relationship in order to save every dollar for our client.   RHC will never put our needs above our clients’ needs.


There are times when speed of service is the most important aspect.  When Right House acts as the actual buyer, we are in 100% control of speed.  RHC is able to produce some of the quickest turn times on the secondary market.   RHC also has many trusted buyers but only a few of them are industry leaders when it comes to quick liquidations.  So when speed is the driving factor, RHC will offer our own buying option or one of the quicker buyer outlets.


The bottom line is with RHC having the ability to act as a Buyer and a Broker, RHC gives our customers multiple options.   Our company will give all the information to the client.  Together we form the proper liquidation strategy that is customized to the needs and desires of our customer.

For more information or if you have any problem loans you want to liquidate today.  Contact Andrew Zale at 502.365.5632.

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