Scratch and Dent Relationships

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Right House Capital strives to create long-lasting and on-going scratch and dent relationships with its clients.  Whether the client is a mortgage company or bank, RHC is not looking to liquidate just one loan. Right House wants to impress its clients.  We do this by providing a quality product that creates trust for any loan and all loans in the future.

Right House understands a quality product in the Scratch and Dent niche within the mortgage industry means giving the client the “Right Price” and “Right Service”.  The right price gets one loan in the door but the right service leads to future loans.

The right service is needed to create the long-lasting relationships. Right House has three fundamental philosophies in order to cultivate them.  First is to always give direct and upfront advice on what we know and have experienced in the past. There are times that this advice is not in the best interest for RHC.  But we know one bad loan or experience can destroy client confidence in the RHC product.  So Right House will always be advising clients on what is in their best interest.


Secondly, RHC is all about communication.  Right House strives to actually over-communicate.  We communicate on the liquidation process of S&D loans, milestone updates, where things stand, due diligence process and timelines, and responding to all client emails within hours.


Last of all, Right House Capital will take an aggressive and hands-on approach to any unsaleable loan that is being liquidated on the secondary market within the mortgage industry.  RHC will create tapes, market tapes, clear due diligence requirements, combat price fades and argue turn downs on behalf of its clients.  These three philosophies have distinguished RHC from many other competitors.

Overall, Scratch and Dent Relationships are an essential part of the Mission here at Right House Capital.

If your company has any scratch and dent loans, agency fall-out loans, re-performing loans, sub-performing loans, non-performing loans or any type of unsaleable loans, contact Andrew Zale at 502-365-5632 and experience the “Right Service”.  We will strive to turn that service into a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

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